Monday, April 3, 2017

Air Plant Ideas: Upside Down Sea Urchin Shells for Jellyfish Look

air plant jelly fish with sea urchin shells
Large air plant sea urchin shell jellyfish

I'm not really into the whole air plant thing, but maybe I should be from the looks of this cool idea! I was at Wasson Nursery in Fishers and saw these air plants in sea urchin shells suspended to look like jelly fish. Now that's pretty cool! I don't know much about air plants, but it looks pretty straight forward, I wonder if I could make these myself?

On Amazon you can buy a set of 3 for $33, that's like $10 each! You can also just buy air plants and then buy sea urchin shells and I bet you can just stick one in each hole and that's about it. Ok actually I just looked it up, and the video below shows how you can do it with literally a piece of string, you don't even glue it or anything. I guess I'm a little late to the party with this craft idea, they seem to be everywhere!

Air plants in sea urchin shells
Air plants in sea urchin shells

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