Saturday, March 25, 2017

Purple Dome Aster Divisions and Moving Plants Around

backyard move plants
Here's an overview of all the moves I made today. I moved a lot more than I had planned, but hopefully we get some rain and everyone settles in. 

Spent a few hours today moving things around in the back yard and mulching the side yard. Some of the more significant moves to mention, I moved a dianthus over to the edge by the patio to give some year round structure. I like my salvia, but I don't like how they die to the ground and basically disappear. After the move, I'm liking how the right side of the bed looks almost complete.

backyard move plantsbackyard move plants

I moved my sale table Blue Marvel salvia over to the middle. The middle of the bed is like my holding zone, not sure what I want to do with it just yet.

This was also my first time doing divisions of my Purple Dome aster. This all-star plant has been killing it the past 2 seasons, and I learned that you can cut them up and divide them like a hosta. Let's see if my little sprouts turn into whole new plants (for free). I remember when I got them in the mail I was surprised how small it was, and it turned into a purple dome in the first season.

purple dome aster transplant
Purple Dome aster division (super tiny sprouts)

purple dome aster transplant
Added some purple dome aster divisions to the front utility box bed too because I'm not sure if the Gaura are coming back. 
big side yard mulch bedblue fescue out of season

I did some 'cosmetic mulching' in other parts of the yard - you know, when you just dust some mulch over the top so it looks like you mulched and the colors match.

Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 Indiana Flower and Patio Show Favorites

The Indiana Flower and Patio Show is a sure sign that Spring is right around the corner. It's a nice escape from the cold and usually dreary March weather to explore the show gardens and features in a heated building at the state fairgrounds.

This year I got half price tickets online just by typing a bunch of different 4 letter words into the coupon code box, score!

Last time I went to the show it was during the closing weekend, this time I was there for opening day. I was a little disappointed - I thought everything would look super fresh for opening day, but I realized that most of the bulbs and things weren't quite open yet since they probably are intended to last all week.

I noticed a lot of repetition of the same plant varieties throughout the show, and it made me wonder if they had one landscape company come in and dress the feature areas all at once or something. Or maybe the similarities are just because those are the kinds of plants that look attractive this time of the year, or that were available from local wholesalers.

Overall, I was a little turned off by the prevalence of non-flower-and-patio-related vendors. I mean, I can understand the roofing companies and the hot tub companies because those are outdoor related, even the carpet companies and kitchen counter companies because those are at least home improvement related - but what gives with the blender company giving demos with a headset microphone, and the Xfinity high speed internet booth, ugh.

Anyway, I did see some cool things that stood out as highlights:

gas fire that looks like campfire
I just love this gas fire that looks like a campfire, with metal beams for kindling stacked in a loose teepee shape
modern farmhouse flower arrangements
This was a nice display sticking with mostly white flowers and lots of glossy foliage. I recognized star magnolia. 

garden show pathtall birch vase with pearl flower arrangement

conifer with yellow needle tips
Zack and I agree, we loved the detail on this unnamed sunburst spruce. We even asked the guy at the display and he had no idea what it was. Come on!

conifer with yellow needle tips

Miniature Weeping Pussy Willow (Salix caprea 'kilmarnock')
Flower detail for Kilmarnock Miniature Weeping Pussy Willow (Salix caprea 'kilmarnock'), saw several of these, it was a popular selection for the displays.

Miniature Weeping Pussy Willow (Salix caprea 'kilmarnock')

Taxus baccata 'Amersfoort'
This little guy would have been easy to overlook, but it was actually one of my favorite things I saw during the day. It's a taxus but it has round needles so it looks almost like a boxwood. Neat! Label said Taxus baccata 'Amersfoort'. 

green japanese maple and hot tub

Deschampsia Goldtau
Deschampsia Goldtau

cloud form pine at garden show
Some kind of cloud form pine, also missing a plant label (frowny face). 

Chirimen Hinoki Cypress
Very interesting Chirimen Hinoki Cypress

bjd plant
Not sure what this is, it was just labeled 'BJD' - any help? It almost looks like a rhododendron ground cover.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Mulch Before Week of Freezing Temps

I got around and mulched the utility box bed and the west side yard (aka wet shade side), and I had a little bit of mulch left to go around my green panda bamboo, which survived another winter but had some dead tips I trimmed off.

I have crocus about to open - if we had another 24 hours above freezing I think it would open, but we have about a week of freezing temps upon us. It's a high of 34ºF today and low of 14 tonight, so it's not feeling much like spring at all.

I wanted to show my spring mulch and clean up a bit, these will hopefully make some great "before" pictures for later this season. I also wanted to show what my Gladiator allium look like first emerging. I think we got 5 out of 6 to come up, with one MIA.

crocus with rain drops
Crocus about to open up! If only we had one more day of warm temps!

Day before a hard freeze, don't expect these guys to stick around unfortunately

gladiator allium
My favorite mystery sedum and an emerging Gladiator allium

gladiator allium
Gladiator allium poking through

green panda bamboo winter
Green panda hardy clumping bamboo with a new haircut

small side yard mulch bed
Coral bell in a rabbit cage

small side yard mulch bed
Side yard looking pretty barren, I could use some structural plants

small side yard mulch bed
Coral bell that the rabbits nibbled down to a nub is coming back with protection. Notice the Japanese andromeda staying green all winter and already flowering. You the real MVP!

utility box early spring
Utility box bed. Not sure if the Gaura are going to come back, so I'm devising some plans for what else I could put up here. 

small side yard

purple hosta eye
Hosta eye checking things out, trying to see if it's safe to come up yet (hint: it's not). 

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