Monday, June 26, 2017

Purple Coneflower 'Magnus' the Size of My Fist

The purple coneflower 'Magnus' that I ordered last year came back and put out twice as many blooms as the previous season. This time they were huge, the size of my fist! I knew it would get tall, but I didn't realize the actual bloom size would be larger too. Very cool plant!

huge purple cone flower
Purple coneflower 'Magnus' bloom the size of my fist, huge! Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus'
purple coneflower magnus
Magnus purple coneflower in full sun by my utility boxes in central Indiana

Monday, April 3, 2017

Tiny Lily Update, Can You Tell Them Apart Without the Flowers?

I'm finally learning the difference between the different lily types in Chris' collection. They all sound similar so luckily I made a map a while ago that shows me what is where. Here is a status report on the emerging lilies:

Lily 'Tiny Invader'
Lily 'Tiny Invader'

Lily 'Tiny Pearl'
Lily 'Tiny Pearl'

Lily 'After Eight'
Lily 'After Eight'

Lily 'Tiny Shadow'
Lily 'Tiny Shadow'

Wasson Nursery Soft Opening (Grand Opening April 21-23, 2017)

wasson nursery fishers location
Wasson Nursery is opening a location in Fishers, IN on April 21 (but they are technically already open)

I got a tip from my brother that there was a new nursery opening in Fishers. I usually go to Lowe's for plants and sometimes to Allisonville Nursery if I'm feeling high-end, but this Wasson Fishers location would be a lot closer that Allisonville, so I thought I'd check it out. Their 'soft opening' means that they don't have all of their stuff out yet, and the staff is still learning.

variety of ferns in pots on table
They've already got some great looking plants out. I want all of them!

They have a really nice showroom area for outdoor living spaces

Love this water feature - if only I had a bigger yard! 

Water features if you don't have room for a pond. This rock garden is so pretty!

I learned from the staff that they grow a lot of their plants up in Muncie and then bring them down, so they are not shipped in from Oregon and California like a lot of the big box stores. So you can get the same varieties that you can get nationally, but if you like the whole locally grown aspect, check them out.

They also have a huge greenhouse that was nice and cozy on this still-rather-brisk April morning.

rhododendronmount airy fothergilla

I will definitely be back for these hosta varieties that I just fell in love with. I love a nice clean leaf (no crinkle) with tight veins and bright colors. The red stems on 'Fire Island' is just amazing. I just hope it doesn't turn into expensive rabbit food.

Hosta 'Fire Island'
Hosta 'Fire Island' yellow with red stems

Hosta 'Halcyon'
Hosta 'Halcyon' blue with no crinkle and narrow veins

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