Friday, January 9, 2015

Neem Oil Got Rid of White Furry Fluffy Fungus on Soil in 24 Hours

When I re-potted a ZZ Plant [Zamioculcas zamiifolia] I got at Lowe's into a larger pot, I used some really old potting soil and everything got pretty moist. In a couple days, I noticed some white fluffy fuzz growing on top of the dirt. Interesting!

before and after neem oil fungus
White fuzzy powdery fungus growing on the potting soil. Treated with 0.9% neem oil spray. Before and after photos 24 hours apart. That was easy!

My friend Mike told me to try treating it with neem oil extract. I found a couple different ready-to-use sprays with neem oil extract (both had active ingredients of 0.9% 'extract of neem oil'). The fancy organic rose spray was about $9, and the Garden Safe Fungicide was about $5.

garden safe fungicide neem oil sprayrose rx spray neem oil

I sprayed just enough to dampen the top of the soil, and within 24 hours the fungus was totally gone! Completely gone!

zz plant in bathroom
ZZ Plant bathroom selfie! Whadup!

I looked up neem oil and it is basically vegetable oil from an evergreen plant originating in India. Quite the natural fungicide! My ZZ Plant is super happy in my bathroom!

potting soil in kitchen
Re-potting in the kitchen! I have the best husband to let me do this :)

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