Monday, June 8, 2015

Dry Shade Side Yard Expanded with Free Plant Divisions

I bought a bunch of mulch and some topsoil and significantly extended the dry shade bed on the East side of my house. It gets about 2 hours of sunlight a day and then is in total shade, and the shape of the roof blocks a lot of rain from the North, so the bed only really gets wet when it rains straight down.

I put all the old mulch on a tarp and then cut out the shape I wanted, put the sod on the tarp as well. I dug a hole in the middle of the bed and buried the sod (hopefully deep enough so it won't send up shoots like in my backyard bed). I added topsoil on top and fresh mulch. I used some of the sod to shape the curve of the bed by the downspout. I divided my Hosta 'Patriot' from the other side yard because it was the biggest and could probably handle it. I even divided a couple clumps of Liriope and planted them near the hosta.

Hopefully everything grows in, I've been watering it and it's been raining a lot.  I want to add more plants next year, but this is a good compromise for free plants!

dry shade side yard
Progress on my dry shade side yard
You can see my Green Panda bamboo in the foreground, and off in the distance is the last surviving plant from the landscaping that came with the house, a lone 'Winter Gem' boxwood - not the same as the boxwood in the foreground.

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