Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dark Green Festuca Clump In Rocks

I get a few weeds in my dry riverbed rock garden every now and then, but when I saw this adorable symetrical clump of grass growing among the rocks in the perfect location - I let it keep doing its thing. Now weeks later it is like a cute dark green version of blue fescue (because it's a closely related Festuca of some type).

Dark Green Festuca Clump

It's probably just some random weed, but its dark green hard pine needle like blades look nice among the rocks so I might as well keep it. When it flowers I will try to identify it more precisely - I quite like it.

Dark Green Festuca Clump

Dark Green Festuca Clump
This green fescue clump looks just like my blue fescue except for the color obviously, very similar traits

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