Saturday, August 1, 2015

Burned Brown Sun Scorch on Annabelle Hydrangea

I love my Annabelle hydrangea row in the backyard, but unfortunately I have shitty clay soil and direct South-facing full sun until my river birch get big enough to provide some relief. I think eventually this will be a nice dappled shade berm next to my dry riverbed, but for now I've got to deal with sunburn on my nice white fluffy Annabelle blossoms.

sun burn Annabelle Hydrangea
Close up of Annabelle hydrangea flower turning brown in spots in direct sunlight

sun burn Annabelle Hydrangea
Flowers bent over during a month of wind and rain and never stood back up all the way - lookin kinda trashy!

brown flowers annabelle hydrangea
Flowers turning brown from burning direct sun and bad soil
Update: After further consideration, I don't believe anything is necessarily wrong with these Annabelle, but they bloomed early because of their direct sun. Now they are just going about the course of drying out - also earlier than usual - because they bloomed earlier as well. So the direct sun forced them to bloom early and now they are browning in late July and August rather than peaking.

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