Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hardy Pampas Grass Final Height

I put my Hardy Pampas Grass in Fall 2013 (got it on sale) and it woke up in early May, then put out 1 super tall stalk and 2 other much smaller ones. I heard these things can get up to 15 feet tall! I'm hoping next year it puts up more stalks to help block the neighbor's house - but it was fun having 1 huge one poking over the top of the fence like this. And it held up in the wind all fall and winter so far until I cut it down yesterday during a freak heat wave in the upper 50's.

pampas grass size
Laid out a measuring tape to see the final stats for the Pampas Grass stalk height

pampas grass size
I'm going to call it 10 feet 8 inches because I cut it a little above ground level
 Then I walked around the yard comparing it to other things to see how tall it looked. I put it up against the side of the house with the arborvitae, I put it in my river birch, and convinced Chris to take a photo of me holding it.

pampas grass sizepampas grass sizepampas grass in birch

cut back hardy pampas grass
Now I just have to wait 3 months for it to grow again, ugh, maybe it will come back faster since we had a warm winter and it had a chance to root in all last year.
I need to find a suitable ground cover for this corner so it looks like I have more going on when this thing isn't growing, because it's the only thing in this entire corner bed. I even thought about moving this to the side and putting in an arborvitae with some little perennials at the base, but I don't know where this big thing would go.

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