Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quick Mulch on the Back Bed

I noticed some exposed roots on some trees and plants in my back yard where the mulch has either washed away or was kicked up by my dogs chasing each other at full speed through the beds. They love to run in the mulch because they get better traction and can sprint and turn sharp corners. What fun! Not so great on the plants though.

I got 3 bags of mulch at Lowe's and was happy to be back in the garden center. Last time I was there they didn't have any of my favorite mulch, but today they had more of it and even some dormant fruit trees out. They are gearing up for Spring!

3 bags was just enough to cover the back bed, and I edged the entire line with my grandpa's edging tool. It looks so fresh and clean!

Big head start compared to where I was last year

The little white stone is a marker where I'm going to put my Bloomerang Lilac on a standard

Added another rock to the downspout rock area, hopefully I didn't disturb the oriental lilies nearby 
exposed roots in mulchexposed roots in mulch

exposed roots in mulch

I also touched up around the birch trees, which is where the dogs run around a lot and exposed some of the roots.

mulch around tree

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