Saturday, April 23, 2016

Maiden Grass That Lived in My Garage for 3 Weeks

My brother wanted to split the tall grasses by his AT&T utility box, and my mother in law wanted some ornamental grasses for her new house, so this is a win-win. I believe these are maiden grass or some kind of Miscanthus. Either way, they get about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. My brother's were about 4 years old and the centers were dying out.

messy grass around utility box
What a hassle calling the dig people to mark an AT&T box, we dug all around the box and didn't see a single cable, it must be 3 feet down. Better safe than sorry I guess.

ornamental grass in trunk of car
It wouldn't be spring without a trunk full of grass

ornamental grass in garage
And there they shall sit for 3 weeks until the weather warms up and we find a free weekend to head up to NW Ohio.
We divided these way back on April 4, and since then we've seen weather in the 70's and it even snowed on April 8th. They weathered in the garage just fine. I kept them a little damp so they wouldn't dry out completely. They only saw the light briefly in the time we had the garage door open to pull the cars in or to grab the watering can. Nevertheless they started sprouting new growth! Very hardy buggers!

ornamental grass divided in buckets
I didn't actually get them cleaned up and into buckets until April 22, but as you can see they are doing just fine and they are loving the sunny back patio while they wait for a car trip up north next weekend. 
UPDATE: Here is the final destination for the grass I divided so many weeks ago. We took them up to Chris' parents' house in NW Ohio to hide the irrigation box. I dug a super shallow hole and plopped them in. They didn't get the top soil TLC treatment but I think they will be just fine, these are hardy buggers.

grass to hide box in yardgrass to hide box in yard

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