Friday, September 16, 2016

My Favorite Dog Pee Spot Patching Product

We just had a large dog move out of our house when our previous room mate left, and now we're patching up all the dead grass pee spots the dog left behind. Fall is a great time to grow new grass, so I'm hoping to have a lot of good grass come in before winter.

hand with grass seed over lawn

The stuff I swear by is the EZ Seed that looks like grass seed mixed with instant coffee. When you add water to it, it expands like a sponge and holds water in all day long so your grass seed has just enough moisture and doesn't dry out. You can't just dump it on top of the grass though you have to prepare the patches by ripping out the dead grass and adding a bit of fresh topsoil to the hole.

I had about 30 pee patches from dog pee all over the yard, and the dead grass came up super easy. There were a few spots where it felt like the brown patch had some good roots in it still, so I let it go and I'm hoping it will come back on its own. Of course all the holes would eventually fill themselves as the grass sends out shoots to the side, but some fresh seed will help it along for sure.

bare spot in lawn
Cleaned the dead patch like cleaning a wound so it's ready for fresh seed

top soil patch in yard
Filled the empty patch with fresh topsoil so the grass seed has nooks and crannies to catch onto

process of cleaning out dead grass from patch
Room mate Zack helping out in the yard

bag of ez seed
Love this stuff, but it was like $54 for the big bag. A bit pricey but better than the smaller jugs.

yard with brown patches
Final result, now we wait for a week for the seeds to germinate.
The morning dew is enough to wet the patches in the morning and then usually I got out when I get home from work and give it some more water just to keep it moist overnight.

I also added some topsoil and EZ Seed to the low spot where the pear tree used to be 2 years ago, this is still not naturalized into the rest of the lawn after all this time!

ez seed in yard

Update: 10 days later...

grass seed 10 days later

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