Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sold House with Homeowner's Binder and Full Plant List

We moved! After years of building our 0.13 acres from the ground up, we built a new construction house down the street and we're doing it all over again. Much more on the new house to come, I already have a lot of projects in mind, but to close the book on the previous house I just wanted to reflect - and to talk about this homeowner's binder idea because I'm so pleased with myself. 

In our property listing, house photos, and open house information, the landscaping was a selling point. This blog was a huuuuge help to create a Homeowner's Binder to show off at the open house. The idea was to make the house feel as brand new as possible for potential buyers - we even had the original flyer for our house layout called The Ashton by Arbor Homes. 

selling house with home owner binder during showing

Having a Homeowner's Binder out during the showings also led to a bunch of comments like "they're so organized, you can tell the place is well taken care of" because the kind of person who puts together a binder like this is the kind of person who cleans and keeps up with maintenance. So it sends a good impression. 

color and style guide for house showing binder

list of plants and flowers for binder when showing house

give new home buyers list of paint colors for piece of mind

In the binder I included a section called Colors and Styles, and a section called Trees, Flowers, and Plants by Name. After that I included any building permits, lot surveys, and appliance manuals I could find using these clear plastic page inserts. These things came in so handy because I didn't have to three hole punch everything I just tucked it into the sleeve. I also threw in a few plant tags from the newer purchases (with the price tag still on so they know the tree out front isn't a junker it was $150). 

We included paint colors, the make and model of the fence, and anything we felt would help the buyer feel more secure and confident coming into their new house. 

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