Saturday, May 9, 2015

Best iPhone Before and After Photo App with Transparent Image Overlay

I've been searching for an app like this for a while and I finally found one that is super basic and does exactly what I want it to without a lot of bells or whistles. I wanted a camera app that does great before and after photos by letting me use a ghost of the previous image, a transparent image overlay during the camera mode that lets me line up my shot with the 'before' photo. The transparent image on top of the camera is perfect to help get the same angle for the 'after' shot, and I'm very pleased with this iPhone app!

The app is simply called Before and After by Ivan Perre. 

iphone before and after landscape photos
The app helps you line up the photos to take great before and after shots. Notice the window box is in the exact same position in each of these photos taken months apart!

The app works for anything where you would want a transparent image overlay of the previous version, but I love it for landscape photos in particular. It really helps the effect and to show the progress over time when you can line the camera up in almost the exact spot it was before (without leaving it outside on a tripod for days just to stay in the same position).

The app also arranged the before and after photos in a side-by-side end result, which is helpful and quick, but you can also just save the original photos and just use the app to help you line up the shot.

iphone photo before and after flowers blooming
Lilium 'After Eight' opening with before and after app, photos taken 2 days apart

best iphone before and after camera app
The app interface looks super basic, but hey, it does the job and it's super simple!

before and after transparent camera overlay
This is exactly what I've been looking for, a camera app that lets you line up your shot with a ghost of the previous shot, a transparent overlay of the 'before' image.

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