Saturday, May 16, 2015

What's Growing in My Salvia?

One of my Salvia sylvestris 'Little Night' is growing faster than the other, but maybe I've been attributing the increase biomass to a weed and not the Little Night itself. At first I noticed a different leaf texture growing on the plant, but when I saw little white buds forming I knew this wasn't part of the Salvia at all.

Salvia sylvestris 'Little Night'
Salvia sylvestris 'Little Night' with an intruder right in the middle

It must be a weed that came along, and has been growing the whole time. Funny, the one with the weed is actually doing better.

weed buds in salvia

pulling a weed

Salvia sylvestris 'Little Night'

Ok, you might be thinking - great blog post Eric, you pulled a weed, good for you. Well it's Saturday morning and that means I get to inspect my yard and look at it very closely and then blog about taking photos of it, which is like my version of fun!

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