Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Succulents with iPhone Macro Lens

Check out these macro photos of my baby succulents. I got up close and personal for super detailed shots using just my iPhone 6 and these inexpensive clip on lenses. The kit comes with a macro lens and two fish eye lenses. They're surprisingly good quality considering how cheap they are!

My Aeonium haworthii Echeveria pulidonis after 6 weeks are still very tiny, but with many more leaves and roots than before. Flashback to Week 3 and Week 4.They're growing quite slow, but filling in a little more and more each day. Most of the roots are pointing toward the soil and might be growing more underneath.

succulent iphone macro lens
A tiny Aeonium haworthii Echeveria pulidonis - 6 weeks old

succulent iphone macro lens
This Aeonium haworthii Echeveria pulidonis baby already has pink tips on the leaves just like the parent plant

jade close up macro iphone photo
A detail I didn't notice before, the tiny red tip to the emerging root on this Crassula argentea

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