Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bonsai by Mail, Golden Gate Ficus

golden gate ficus bonsai
Golden Gate Ficus bonsai tree, mail order from one of those flower gift websites

I got Chris a bonsai tree for Valentine's Day instead of flowers, and it was my first time buying a live plant by mail. I got it from one of those flower gift websites because they are really good about guaranteed delivery on a specific date - but then I actually found this same tree cheaper on Amazon.

It came in a sturdy box and was completely covered in packing peanuts. I guess they were all helping to keep the tree snug during shipping, but wow 2 garbage bags of foam peanuts!

bonsai by mail

packing peanuts on the floor

I'm pleased with the new addition the house (admittedly, it was sort of a gift for both of us). The Golden Gate Ficus [Ficus microcarpa] is known for its gray textured trunk that looks like tiger stripes - it's also known as the Tigerbark Fig. I hear it is great for bonsai beginners because it tolerates being indoors and grows quickly. We'll see! I know how to water but that's about it.

golden gate ficus bonsai trunk
Spotted tiger bark!
tiger bark close up
Spotted tiger bark with a very ancient look. I think this tree is about 6 years old.
golden gate ficus leaves

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