Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How To Make a Money Tree Gift

This DIY money tree gift idea is perfect as a gift for someone when you don't know what else to get them, when they are very picky, when you don't want to give gift cards, or for people who complain about spending money. It's also fun because it's shaped like a Christmas tree, unlike other money tree gift ideas I've seen online. Finally, this is a fun gift idea because it's kind of a pain in the butt to remove all the dollars, so it's like a gag gift too.

A money tree gift perfect for Christmas
A money tree gift perfect for Christmas
making a money tree with pins
You'll attach the folded bills to the cone with pins

dollar bill fold for money tree
Fold the bill toward the middle so the face appears under a triangle

how to fold dollar for money tree gift
Flip it over and fold it toward the middle again to make a pentagon or house shape

instructions for money tree
Fold the other side over, make a narrow house shape or elongated pentagon

folded dollar bill for money tree
Use pins to attach to the cone in a circular pattern, start at the bottom and work your way up.

progress photos make money tree

Fold the bills so they stick out away from the tree, rather than just lining it flush to the cone like scales. In the photo above I tried to vary the pattern and immediately reverted back to having all consistent shapes the whole way up. The uniformity really looks a lot better than trying to change the shapes toward the top.

Fold George into a strip for the top to cover the last row of pins, and attach a paper star with pins or make another tree topper of your own. The pins do a great job holding the bills in place with no glue needed!

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