Sunday, September 13, 2015

Closer Look at Critter Ridder and Animal B Gon

Something's been nibbling my Japanese forest grass, my ostrich fern that is just trying to re-emerge, and my European wild ginger. My dad told me about these products that you sprinkle on the ground and it deters rabbits by the smell and taste of the powder. I ordered a shaker of Animal B Gon [Ortho], and he brought me a half can of Critter Ridder [Havahart]. There are similarities and differences I thought I would point out here in case anyone is Googling these products.

I'm pretty sure my culprit is a rabbit, but I haven't seen it to be sure - so I think a "critter" repellent is a safer bet than something marketed as rabbit-only. Both products use essential oils rather than chemicals to repel or deter small mammals. I started with the Critter Ridder and if that doesn't work I'll also try the Animal B Gon.

critter ridder
Critter Ridder 2-lb size, it doesn't specifically mention rabbits on the label
I also realized I could use it to keep my dog from digging in the mulch in this one specific spot she always goes to, so I sprinkled some there as well.

The rabbits aren't particularly aggressive, and I don't have tomatoes or any produce, so I'm just trying to make it inconvenient enough for them to not nibble the meager emerging stalks of my transplanted plants. I don't need them to run screaming, I just need them to find my plants a little too spicy for their liking.

critter ridder ingredients
Critter Ridder is a spicy mix of oil of black pepper, piperine, and capsaicin. It smells like a really strong dry rub for barbecue. It actually doesn't smell that strong, and I'm hoping it will really keep animals away for weeks. Hopefully the rabbits don't thank me for seasoning their salads!

critter ridder looks like pepper
Smells and looks like strong black pepper

critter ridder top
Shaker top looks like something from the spice rack with both a shaker side and a spoon side

Animal B Gon (I keep wanting to type Animal B Gone) by Ortho is a different scent but also uses oil extracts rather than other chemicals or animal urine. This one is a pleasant mix of peppermint, cinnamon, and rosemary. It's actually kinda nice, but it made my cheeks feel puffy after I took a big whiff.

animal b gon
Animal B Gon specifically includes rabbits on the label

animal b gon ingredients
A strong but pleasant mix of rosemary oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and putrescent (rotting) eggs. It smells like cinnamon and peppermint and made my cheeks tingle after taking a whiff

animal b gone
Looks like fine grain cat litter

animal b gone
Animal B Gon shaker top snaps on, not as secure as the top on Critter Ridder that screws on
So there you go. I know this isn't exactly a 'review' of the products, but a closer look. I thought people might want to read the active ingredients and see what the product looks and smells like before buying it. Overall reviews of these types of products are hit or miss, people seem to love them or think they don't work at all. If they keep the last 3 leaves on my Japanese forest grass from being eaten, I'll be a fan!

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