Friday, September 11, 2015

Rainy Day Off New Additions: Dwarf Mugo Pine and Tiny Invader

I'm having a nice rainy day off work, and it's starting to feel like Fall. I woke up to upper 50s, overcast, low humidity - it was splendid. I guess the weather got me in the mood to look for deals at Lowe's so after two cups of coffee, I grabbed my umbrella and strolled around the garden center for a bit.

My backyard is seriously lacking evergreen, so I wanted to get some kind of conifer. I had my eye on a dwarf mugo pine for a while, but I wasn't sure how big they'd get. There seems to be a lot of variety, anywhere from 5 feet to 10 feet tall and wide.

Pinus mugo var. pumilio
Pinus mugo var. pumilio
I also saw some color on the sale table and went to check it out. I found this Tiny Invader Asiatic Lily for Chris, because he loves his Asiatic Lilies and there was a gap I had to fill by the downspout. It's orange but not too orange, it has purple spots and magenta hue to it in certain light.

Lilium ‘Tiny Invader’
Lilium ‘Tiny Invader’
I put the Tiny Invader over by the downspout because it likes semi moist conditions. It still has one flower left on it, but other than that I'm basically saying "see ya next year" until it comes up again in the spring. I hope the colors don't clash with my other lilies - or I hope they come up at slightly different times so we have more weeks of color.

lilium tiny invader

I was obsessing a little bit about my dwarf mugo placement. I wanted to put it by the patio, but I don't want it to take over. I mean, if it really gets up to 10 feet wide there's no way it can stay here. I watered it in, then changed my mind and moved it about 2 inches and watered it in again. It's trunk is lined up with the arborvitae on the other side of the patio - about 25 inches from the side of the house.

dwarf mugo pine
Adorable, I can see why people get obsessed and start collecting dwarf conifers

Pinus mugo var. pumilio
It's so tiny! My dad recommended naming it Milton the Mugo Pine

dwarf mugo placement
I got it in the ground and knew that I would keep dwelling on it until I moved it that extra 2 inches. I can almost see it with a 4-5 foot spread fitting perfectly. I'll have to keep an eye on the new candles and keep them tight.
It might take years to fill the space I've allowed for it, but I'd rather it grow into the space than immediately overwhelm the space. In the meantime maybe I can plant some annuals to finish the front of the border.

My dad also said I should watch out for little green caterpillars that eat the pine needles because they can clear a bush in days! Oh no!

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