Friday, September 4, 2015

Echeveria pulidonis Propagation Update 9 Months

It's been about 9 months (36 weeks) since I pulled a leaf off my Echeveria pulidonis succulent on January 2, 2015. I've been posting a few updates since then following the progress with photos. I wanted to post this update to show the latest progress! I also noticed my babies look very different from the mommy plant, and I think it has to do with the amount of sunlight they get.

Echeveria pulidonis 9 months
Echeveria pulidonis - Propagation 9 months
The mommy plant sits on the lower shelf of a window table and doesn't get as much sunlight, that probably explains the longer leggy leaves and lack of red tips
suculent baby and parent plant
Compare the mommy plant to the baby - pretty easy to see the difference! I don't know if I would think this was the same plant if I didn't know it was a leaf propagation. It's technically the same exact plant, same genes!
plant table
The parent plant sits in a succulent pot on the lower shelf of a window table and gets less sun than my windowsill babies

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