Saturday, March 4, 2017

First Crocus 2017 and Mulching in February Because I Can

Crocus vigil 2017 began with the first sighting on February 12, this little guy was poking through the mulch when I got back from my trip to Washington DC.

first crocus 2017
Crocus watch 2017 - first one poking through on February 12, probably emerged a couple days before. 
Still no blooms. We had a cold snap come through and everything pretty much stopped where it was. Here's a status update:

dazzleberry early spring
Sedum 'Dazzleberry' on February 24, 2017

royal candles early spring
Royal Candles also on February 24

sedum in rocks
Unknown creeping sedum in the rocks looking pretty gorgeous, February 24

surprise lily
Surprise Lily - February 24, 2017, these things are early risers ready to go!
small backyard island with rocks
Mulching on this unusually warm day in February

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