Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Mulch Before Week of Freezing Temps

I got around and mulched the utility box bed and the west side yard (aka wet shade side), and I had a little bit of mulch left to go around my green panda bamboo, which survived another winter but had some dead tips I trimmed off.

I have crocus about to open - if we had another 24 hours above freezing I think it would open, but we have about a week of freezing temps upon us. It's a high of 34ºF today and low of 14 tonight, so it's not feeling much like spring at all.

I wanted to show my spring mulch and clean up a bit, these will hopefully make some great "before" pictures for later this season. I also wanted to show what my Gladiator allium look like first emerging. I think we got 5 out of 6 to come up, with one MIA.

crocus with rain drops
Crocus about to open up! If only we had one more day of warm temps!

Day before a hard freeze, don't expect these guys to stick around unfortunately

gladiator allium
My favorite mystery sedum and an emerging Gladiator allium

gladiator allium
Gladiator allium poking through

green panda bamboo winter
Green panda hardy clumping bamboo with a new haircut

small side yard mulch bed
Coral bell in a rabbit cage

small side yard mulch bed
Side yard looking pretty barren, I could use some structural plants

small side yard mulch bed
Coral bell that the rabbits nibbled down to a nub is coming back with protection. Notice the Japanese andromeda staying green all winter and already flowering. You the real MVP!

utility box early spring
Utility box bed. Not sure if the Gaura are going to come back, so I'm devising some plans for what else I could put up here. 

small side yard

purple hosta eye
Hosta eye checking things out, trying to see if it's safe to come up yet (hint: it's not). 

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