Saturday, March 25, 2017

Purple Dome Aster Divisions and Moving Plants Around

backyard move plants
Here's an overview of all the moves I made today. I moved a lot more than I had planned, but hopefully we get some rain and everyone settles in. 

Spent a few hours today moving things around in the back yard and mulching the side yard. Some of the more significant moves to mention, I moved a dianthus over to the edge by the patio to give some year round structure. I like my salvia, but I don't like how they die to the ground and basically disappear. After the move, I'm liking how the right side of the bed looks almost complete.

backyard move plantsbackyard move plants

I moved my sale table Blue Marvel salvia over to the middle. The middle of the bed is like my holding zone, not sure what I want to do with it just yet.

This was also my first time doing divisions of my Purple Dome aster. This all-star plant has been killing it the past 2 seasons, and I learned that you can cut them up and divide them like a hosta. Let's see if my little sprouts turn into whole new plants (for free). I remember when I got them in the mail I was surprised how small it was, and it turned into a purple dome in the first season.

purple dome aster transplant
Purple Dome aster division (super tiny sprouts)

purple dome aster transplant
Added some purple dome aster divisions to the front utility box bed too because I'm not sure if the Gaura are coming back. 
big side yard mulch bedblue fescue out of season

I did some 'cosmetic mulching' in other parts of the yard - you know, when you just dust some mulch over the top so it looks like you mulched and the colors match.

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