Saturday, April 18, 2015

Echeveria pulidonis Propagation After 14 Weeks

I'm not going to post all the photos over again, but you might remember I'm propagating Echeveria pulidonis in a ramekin on my windowsill. It's been a very slow process, slower than I imagined when I saw other blog posts of succulent propagation. They are nonetheless adorable and growing a lot quicker now that they have 'leaves' of their own and more roots.

succulent propagation 14 weeks
Echeveria pulidonis propagation from leaf after 14 weeks
Take a look back at the first 8 weeks in these progress photos. I decided that these babies are big enough for their own tiny adorable terra cotta pots from Walmart (only 32¢ each). 

echeveria pulidonis roots
Echeveria pulidonis - a rare look at the delicate roots between pots
small rocks in bottom of pot

small succulent in tiny pot
14 week Echeveria pulidonis in a tiny terra cotta pot
baby succulents in small pots
Cute succulent babies!
tiny pots for succulents
New tiny terra cotta pots in the window

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