Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Entire Wall of Yellow Flowering Forsythia in Hedge Form

I was walking through the IUPUI campus, which surrounds the Lockefield Gardens apartment complex, and saw this amazing yellow flowering wall of shrubs. It was amazing! I don't know how I missed it last spring. I recognized the bushes as the kind my parents use in a vase for Easter decorations - we have one in our backyard that would flower right on time in early April. My parents told me it's called Forsythia [Forsythia x intermedia]. Elsewhere it's also called Golden Bells.

Forsythia x intermedia yellow flower hedge
Yellow flowering Forsythia in hedge form

Forsythia x intermedia yellow flower hedge
An entire wall of yellow flowers: Forsythia x intermedia

It was a gray and rainy day, so I did tweak the photo brightness a little bit, but I didn't turn the saturation way up and blow it out like you see sometimes on Pinterest. You can tell by the grass and surrounding area that the photo isn't edited to the extreme. The hedge really is that bright yellow!

It's especially striking when you walk next to it, because all the flowers blend together to make the hedge look fuller and thicker. But even from across the street it's pretty obvious.

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