Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Moss Rock Transplant Fail

I thought I was so clever, sticking moss I got from a pathway onto a rock. At first it looked really awesome. As long as I kept the moss moist it looked like a lush zen rock just beaming away on my front walk. But then winter happened, and dryness happened.

The moss expanded and contracted as it alternated between warm and cold, moist and dry. Eventually, the blanket of moss broke apart and the wind took off a big chunk. My moss transplant has totally failed. Granted, I did transplant the moss in December - so it's not like the moss was actually growing or clinging to the rock. It was essentially a big green pad that I pressed onto the rock. It just had to fall off one day.

moss rock
There was a time when I was super optimistic about my moss transplant... but that time has passed.

Will I try it again now that the weather is warmer? I'm not sure, I might try to use the moss lower to the ground where it gets morning dew. Read more about my moss rock attempt here, and check out the inevitable conclusion below...

rock transplant moss dry
Moss rock in Spring looking pretty tragic
rock with dry moss on it
I came home on a particularly windy day to find this
landscaping rock
I decided to scrub the rock clean for a fresh start. Maybe I'll try moss again in warmer months, or maybe I'll just plant little rock garden accent plants around them.

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