Friday, April 10, 2015

Fresh Out The Box! It's Mail Order Plant Day!

I was so amped to learn that both my plant deliveries would come on the same day - today! I got a whole bunch of stuff from High Country Gardens, and a few shrubs from Greenwood Nursery. I think this will about do it for mail order plants this season. To save on shipping, I'll check on a few last minute buys at the local nursery (they said they would have Black Mondo Grass and Japanese Forest Grass within the next 2 weeks).

Ok, time for some unboxing photos... High Country Gardens had a very flat box with all the plants neatly rubber-banded into little plastic baggies laying on their sides. They shipped from Colorado, and they were nice enough to combine two separate orders into one to save me on shipping. The plants were just a little bit wilted which isn't bad for traveling for 4 days.

mail order plant packagesmail order plant packages

I got 3 shrubs in a box from Greenwood Nursery and they shipped out of Tennessee. The box was taller and was filled with shredded papers. A little messy but that's one way to recycle those paper shreddings.

mail order plant packagesmail order plant packages

Itea virginica little henry by mail

My Itea virginica 'Sprich' Little Henry® arrived without wilting and looked pretty fresh and ready to go.

These were only my 3rd and 4th deliveries of live plants, after my Green Panda bamboo, and Chris' Valentine's Day bonsai tree. I like these packages much better than my bamboo in the dead of winter that was kinda scary, and the bonsai in about 3 cubic feet of foam peanuts.

I would definitely order from both of these retailers again!

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