Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blooming Boxwood, Edging, and Expired Grass Seed

I'm going to pretend that the low Saturday isn't going to be 27°F and keep doing yard work in denial. Today after work I sprayed some anti-fungal on the wet side yard that usually gets white powder on it, then I put down some (probably expired) patch grass seed that will water in this weekend while I'm in Dayton.

This has got to be the last cold bout until Spring (which technically starts in 3 days).

Buxus sempervirens flowerblooming english boxwood

I'm pretty sure my boxwood is Dwarf English boxwood Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa', and I'm pretty sure it's flowering. This one is only flowering near the top - is that because I trimmed off the buds last Fall? Note to self: Look up best time to trim boxwood to not remove new buds.... or does it even matter?

green pop up garden bin
Finished edging the back island, had to break a few birch tree roots (sad) but they shouldn't have been on the surface like that! Now I just need to mulch and this bed will be refreshed for the year. My crocuses are almost spent and it's only been like a week :(

patch grass seed
Look, it's snowing shredded newspaper and 3 year old grass seed! I'll be surprised if any of this grows, but at least it will amend the clay a little bit and if there's a chance some seeds sprout then all the better.

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