Friday, March 4, 2016

Temp Swings and Restless Plants Ready to Wake Up

I'm seeing an awful lot of green brewing just below the surface. These perennials are poking little tester leaves up before they decide to wake up for the Spring. The crocus' are also a good bit ahead of schedule compared to last year. It's looking like a good week with several days in a row above 60°F in the week ahead.

Salvia sylvestris 'Little Night'
Salvia sylvestris 'Little Night' putting out little feeler leaves trying to decide if it's time to wake up
crocus 2016
Crocus today, March 4, 2016
crocus 2016
Crocus coming in ahead of schedule, March 4, 2016
We had about an inch of snow a couple days ago on March 2, hopefully the last snow of the season. I think these two photos below sum up the past week. I'm surprised my plants aren't more confused, because I certainly am.

71 degrees in marchsnow in march

One more thing I wanted to post, I modified the tiny side bed with the emerald green arborvitae. The rocks weren't high enough to hold up a level mulch bed, so the mulch would slide down the side whenever it rained. I raised the rocks and added a few larger ones. Now it looks like too many rocks, maybe I'll take away some of the smaller ones. Anyway, now the bed is level on top. I noticed a ton of red roots probably from the arborvitae - that thing rooted in better than I thought. I'm hoping it puts on some vertical growth this season. At this rate it'll be years before it provides any kind of privacy.

emerald green
Noticed a lot of roots as I was adjusting the height of the rocks to level the mulch bed. Mixed feelings about the smaller rocks. We'll see.

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