Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Installing P3 Mole Chaser

P3 mole chaser
Took me a while to dig a hole for the P3 Mole Chaser, it's a narrow vertical shaft in thick clay soil
I blogged before about my vole / field mouse problem in my lawn thanks to my neighbor not cutting his grass. When I visited my dad this last weekend, he gave me two of these Mole Chaser devices that emit a beeping tone underground that disturbs any underground critters like moles and voles so they pack up and make their home somewhere else.

There's a variety of these "chaser" devices that are supposed to work on voles, moles, gophers, etc. 

No idea if it's going to work yet. The web says it can take 2 weeks to really get rid of the voles, and that more might come around thinking the vibration is food before leaving for good. Ironic huh! This is the old school cheap battery kind - I've also seen solar powered and even wind powered mole chasers.

small animal pathways in lawnsmall trenches in yard

I had to try something, these voles probably spent all winter eating through the roots of my yard. I don't know if I have the heart to kill them, and I can't really hunt them down or mow down the grass because they live in my neighbor's yard - they just come into my yard to eat all my delicious healthy roots!

p3 mole chaser
I placed the Mole Chaser right at the edge of the bed, not very discrete but very targeted to the problem area
I just hope I don't send them running.... into my garage or house or into my flower bed. Here's some more information on how I installed it (duh, dig a hole and drop it in) but seriously, I tried hammering a broom stick into the ground, I tried using a survey stake to loosen up the soil. I ended up digging down with this Hori Hori Garden Knife that did a great job, but still tough with all the clay.

I'll let you know if this does the trick! It's worth a shot, especially since I got 2 of these free from my dad. They're not very expensive though. I was worried you'd be able to hear the beeping noise above ground but once the soil packs in around the device you really can barely hear it - but it's loud enough for you to check the batteries to make sure it's still working. 

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