Friday, March 27, 2015

Blue Fescue from Seed Progress Photos

I recently nabbed some blue fescue seeds [Festuca glauca] at Target because I want to do a mass planting in a section of my backyard bed. I'm going to be moving my side yard blue fescue to the back to get more sun, and I want a few more aside from what I'll get from dividing my Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue' that I already own.

I was encouraged by this video I found online that shows actual progress examples for blue fescue grown from seed.

Unfortunately on the package it doesn't tell me what variety of blue fescue this is, whereas the one I got from Allisonville Nursery was the type 'Elijah Blue'. Oh well, hopefully they don't look obviously different near each other.

blue fescue seeds
$1.37 for seeds, hoping to get a few good clumps and save myself $10 or so - plus the fun of watching grass grow!

blue fescue seedsblue fescue seed supplies

blue fescue seeds on soil
I didn't space them, I just sort of sprinkled them around. I'm hoping to get 2 good clumps out of this.

damp soil
Damp thin layer of soil over the seeds

plastic bag mini greenhouse
Sandwich bag greenhouse to keep the soil moist - Day 0 is March 9, 2015

blue fescue seed progress photo
Blue fescue germination by day 4

blue fescue seed progress photo
Blue fescue from seed day 8

blue fescue seed progress photo
Blue fescue from seed day 16

blue fescue seed progress photo
Blue fescue from seed day 18 - So far it just looks like normal grass but it is slightly firm to the touch
Can you tell I've got cabin fever? Taking photos of grass growing every 2 days, sheesh! I'll try to hold off until they do something different, and then I'll add the photos to this same post...

Update 5/5/2015: I transplanted the new grass shoots into my backyard flower bed. I wouldn't say they "took off" but at least now they look more like blue fescue and not just regular grass. Each individual grass blade turns into a whole clump of its own. 

blue fescue from seed 2 months
Blue fescue from seed, this is one of the babies planted March 9, photo taken May 5 so about 2 months since planting
blue fescue grown from seeds
Another update, here we are on August 25, 2015

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