Thursday, March 12, 2015

Winter Aconite Blooming in Ohio

winter aconite early bloomer
My dad's winter aconite blooming in Ohio, well ahead of my crocus

My parents know I'm waiting for blooms here in Indiana, so guess what my dad just sent me! It's a photo of winter aconite [Eranthis hyemalis] with its petite yellow cups. The Missouri Botanical Garden profile lays it down with a slam against the later-blooming-crocus, "[Winter aconite] is a late winter bloomer (before crocus) that features cup-shaped, upward-facing, bright yellow, butter-cup like flowers."

I'm on day 6 of my crocus watch with a total of 5 sprouts, and noticed little partner sprouts next to the main emerging stems - but certainly nowhere near blooming.

photo of crocus sprout
This emerging crocus sprout has a buddy, can't tell if it's from the same bulb or not

photo of emerging crocus sprout
Two of my emerging crocus bulbs have little brother sprouts coming up behind them and on the same day

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