Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Succulents at the 2015 Indiana Flower and Patio Show

indiana garden show succulents

I took too many photos to put in one post, so I'll split them up by posting just my succulent photos in this one. Plenty of succulents to be seen at the 2015 Indiana Garden Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, officially called the Indiana Flower and Patio Show (57th annual).

The succulents were gorgeous, and many were mixed into the surrounding landscapes - so I got to pretend I live in a climate that supports perennial succulents hardy over winter. Unfortunately, not all the succulents had names. A lot, in fact, were lumped into "various succulent" displays and sale shelves.

Cordyline australis 'Red Sensation'
Cordyline australis 'Red Sensation' also called Cabbage Palm (Zone 7b)

spider aloe
Aloe humilis 'Hedgehog' also called Spider Aloe (Zone 9b)

garden show succulents

succulent wreath

blood banana
Musa acuminate 'Sumatrana Zebrina' also called Blood Banana hanging out among the tulips

gold moss stonecropgold moss stonecrop

Above, I'm not sure what this tiny succulent ground cover is called, but it's by Proven Winners. Maybe I can find it on their website somehow. From Google searches it looks most like Sedum ‘De Oro’, gold moss stonecrop.

mixed succulents

Sedum acre 'Aureum'
Yellow Stonecrop, Sedum acre 'Aureum'

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