Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Crocus Vigil Day 3: I Count Three Shoots

What is the emerging shoot of a flower called? A shoot? A stem? Either way, these little green worms are poking their heads up in 3 places around my backyard now. I'm on the edge of my seat to see which survived the winter and my first planting attempt. And honestly I kinda forget how many I put where, so it will be a treat to discover them cropping up here and there.

Day 3 of my Crocus Watch 2015 was technically yesterday, Monday, March 9. I'm blogging the morning of the 10th, and we've got rain today with a high of 48°F. In the photo below, I've paired up a before-and-after only one day apart, showing the new Crocus sp stem just as it emerges.

crocus shoot emerges before and after
Crocus sp emerging, first day above ground
I expect many more to emerge in the next day or so. I told Chris I was hoping for blooms by Friday but I had to severely revise that considering the rate of growth. Blooms before April will be nice though, considering the rest of my yard is still asleep and a blah beige color.

my backyard march 9
My dry riverbed gives me something to look at, but looks especially bland in the winter

my backyard march 9
My rock collection lined up, waiting for me to pick my favorites to accent the back bed
Update: By the end of the day on Tuesday, Crocus Watch Day 4, we had 5 shooters poking up.

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