Monday, March 30, 2015

Crocus Vigil Day 22: First Bloom of Spring

That's it! There it is! The first bloom of Spring, it's official, my crocus vigil is over after 22 days on March 28, 2015.

This little guy bloomed in the sunshine even though the weather was still bouncing above and below freezing. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be, the open flower is only about as wide as a quarter.

small purple crocus
Day 22, the first bloom - it opened in the sun briefly but then closed overnight

small purple crocus
March 28, 2015

small purple crocus
Another one getting ready to go, March 29, 2015
My first crocus bloomed during the day my parents came to visit and drop off some Matrix Citrus Mix pansies - so now technically I have them blooming in my yard as well, but my crocus was still my first bloom of Spring.

The pansies, technically Viola X wittrockiana 'Matrix Citrus Mix' were looking a little wilty, but perked right up with some water (except for the ones in the container, which are taking a little longer to perk).

Viola X wittrockiana 'Matrix Citrus Mix'
Instantly gives me something to look at other than a dirt pile

Viola X wittrockiana 'Matrix Citrus Mix'
I got them in the ground right away before we were out the door to dinner

I wasn't planning to buy annuals for myself, but the splash of green, orange, and yellow at least makes the yard look alive and is a nice change of pace from the unseasonably cold weeks. I also didn't realize pansies were so tough when it comes to cold, they just wilt and come right back in the sun. My parents say they should bloom for about a month and then die right as the other perennials in my yard are emerging - so it will be nice to have some overlap there.

I think next year if I do annuals in the early spring, I'm going to do a LOT to make a statement because a few here and there looks kinda wimpy.

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