Sunday, March 1, 2015

Echeveria pulidonis Propagation Week 8

succulent propagation 8 weeks
Echeveria pulidonis after 8 weeks, and 'Baby Jade' [Crassula argentea] after 24 days

This is my photo update for Echeveria pulidonis propagation. Tomorrow it will be 8 weeks since I carefully plucked leaves off this succulent and placed them on top of the soil. To simplify, here are photos from the 8 week progress so far, but I also have blog posts at Week 3, Week 4, and Week 6 if you want to get more in-depth.

When I re-potted the babies last week, I noticed they had single longer white roots below the soil. I didn't want to up-root them just for a photo - so perhaps more is going on underground. On top, the 'leaves' are getting fuller and larger ever so slowly. They are taking a loooong time!

succulent leaves
Flashback: Week 0
Echeveria pulidonis with tiny roots
Flashback: Week 3
Echeveria pulidonis with tiny roots
Flashback: Week 4
close up succulent
Flashback: Week 6
succulent leaf growing new plant
Echeveria pulidonis after 8 weeks!
baby jade leaf growing
Baby Jade [Crassula argentea] after 24 days

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