Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crocus Vigil Day 20: Purple Sighting and Croci Under Rocks

I took these photos on Thursday, March 26 which makes it Crocus Vigil Day 20 in my crocus watch 2015. I spy color! Here comes my first bloom, it's on its way! The only setback? We have 2 days in a row this weekend with lows in the teens. It's almost April and I woke up to 18°F temps this morning!

I'm sure the croci will be fine, but they probably aren't taking off as fast as they could if it were a balmy 60°F like it was last week. At least the sun is shining - I think the ground will still warm up even though the air temp is below freezing.

first crocus of spring
My first crocus coming up, hoping it will bloom this weekend but the 18° air temps probably aren't helping!

In other news, I was looking around the edge of the mulch border where I planted the crocuses, and I noticed a sprig of green poking out from under a rock. I lifted up the rock and found a long yellow crocus stem trying its best to find the sun. Oops! I must have re-arranged the rocks without realizing how close the croci were to the stones. I wanted them to be right next to the stone, but I didn't want to confuse them!

crocus coming up under rock
Let me move that rock out of your way with my human hands, sorry about that!
I found a soil temperature map online, and it looks like things are warming up in spite of a few freezing days here and there. The national map from GreenCast says Indy is currently between 30°-35° but when I zoom in the map looks like this:

soil temp map
Soil temperature map for March 28, 2015 from
The color on this map looks more like 45°-50° so which is it? Maybe I should just get a soil thermometer, or maybe it's not that important.

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